Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday (7/25): Waiting

No verdict today.

The DA warned us ahead of time to not read into ANYTHING including the amount of time it takes or the questions the jurors ask the judge during their deliberations. They are allowed to ask for law/rule clarifications. They can also ask for specific testimony to be played/read back.

The jurors asked for playback from two eye witnesses. Again, we can speculate all day (and trust me we have) but we just don't know what questions they have and what that may mean for the verdict. It is safe to say that the longer this drags out the more likely there is someone hung up. But just because they took at least one full day doesn't mean it's going to be hung. In fact they may just be diligently going over every piece of testimony and all of the evidence as they should.

They start again tomorrow morning and hopefully we will hear back. I am getting sick of this holiday inn and this goddamn city.

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