Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guilty on both counts

Guilty on manslaughter and driving w/o license. Sentencing scheduled for a later date.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I know this isn't exactly a happy occasion but we can finally exhale a bit knowing somebody has been held responsible and that this was not just an accident. We will never get back what has been stripped away from us.


P.S. A special thanks to the DA Michael Maffei. I can say for sure that without him we would not have this outcome. He "rescued a turd" as my father has repeatedly said. After a series of incomprehensibly inept people on this case Mike stepped in just four weeks ago and performed a miracle on what we had been previously told would be a "slam dunk case." Mike was also extremely personable frequently asking how we were and even for input. A far cry from being told "get over it" just a few months ago by an earlier DA. Thank you Mike.

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  1. I just posted the "Unlicenced to Kill" website on my Facebook page. Such a tragic story. So glad your family finally got the closure you all so desperately deserve. I can only hope that DA's outside of San Francisco are more competent and caring. (Though I doubt they are here in LA- San Fran South).


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